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General Dentistry

Dental Cleanings
General dentistry at National Dental MelvilleYou hear all the time how important it is to brush and floss your teeth at home. The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that you brush at least twice a day, and floss at least once. However, your at home oral care routine is only a part of a larger picture. At National Dental Melville, we can help you to maintain optimal oral health with professional cleanings.
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Dental Exams
A dental exam is when we take a look at all areas of your mouth. Routine exams are typically recommended at least twice a year and are usually done during the same visit as your dental cleanings. We check all surfaces of your teeth, checking for signs of damage and decay.
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Digital Radiography
Digital X-rays are a more advanced X-ray technology. Rather than relying on radiation (which has raised some concerns with dental patients in the past), digital X-rays use electronic technology to capture your images. The images allow us to see the hidden areas of your mouth – between your teeth, the roots of your teeth and your jawbone.
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Periodontal Care
When your gums are inflamed, they pull away from your teeth, creating pockets. Bacteria, and other debris fall into these pockets, where they continue to attack your soft tissue as well as your jawbone and periodontal ligaments. Sometimes, the pockets can become so deep that cleaning them out effectively with the tools we have is impossible.
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Dentistry for Kids
Regular dental cleanings and exams are just as important for your children as they are for you. They should also have at least two visits per year. Cleaning your child’s teeth involves scraping the surface to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria build up. We will then polish your child’s teeth using a special abrasive dental polish
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Oral Cancer Screening
Oral cancer affects approximately 40,000 people across the United States every year. It is a serious health issue that can be deadly if not detected and treated early. Oral cancer can strike anywhere inside the mouth, affecting your lips, your tongue, your cheeks, your gums, the palate, the floor of your mouth or the back of the mouth near the entrance to your throat.
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