Deepa Madhavan Ipektchi DDS

Growing up, Dr. Deepa Madhavan Ipektchi was always interested in the medical field, as her mom was a physician. Dentistry fascinated her, not only because every patient presents with a unique background and medical history, but because that has to be applied to the art of dentistry, to give every patient the best possible treatment. Always interesting!

Dr. Deepa Madhavan Ipektchi absolutely loves working for National Dental. She has never worked with a more wonderful group of people, who are truly happy to be where they are. Working in conjunction with multiple offices/specialties gives her a peace of mind that her patients are getting the best, and most convenient treatment.

When Dr. Deepa Madhavan Ipektchi is not working, her 3 children are her biggest priority. They keep her very, very busy. She also tries to find some time to get to her karate classes and boxing gym, to keep her sanity!