Dental Implants

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For years, if you lost teeth, your options for replacement were limited. Depending upon the number of teeth you lost, you were relegated to a bridge (1 to 3 missing teeth), a partial denture (several consecutive missing teeth in the same area), or full dentures (missing all of the teeth in either your upper, lower, or both, jaws). Over the years, technological developments have been made to improve these restorations, but they still have their drawbacks. At National Dental, we offer the latest option for replacing missing teeth – dental implants. Moreover, you may be able to get them the same day.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small titanium rods that are inserted into your jawbone using a surgical procedure. They are meant to replace missing teeth. The implants rely on a process known as osseointegration. This is the process by which your jawbone fuses to the implants as you heal from surgery. Successful osseointegration sees the implants become like “roots” that support your replacement teeth. Along with the titanium rods, the restorations also consist of abutments, or connectors, which are placed on the tops of the implants, and your replacement teeth. Your new teeth are made out of ceramic, a material that mimics the properties of natural enamel. Once in place, it is impossible to tell your replacement teeth from your natural ones. Altogether, dental implants restore both function and aesthetics to your mouth, restoring the quality of your life.

Personalizing Your Care

Dental implants are highly customizable and can be used to suit a variety of different needs. Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth in one area, have a few missing teeth in different areas or are missing all of your teeth, there is an implant solution for you:

  • Single tooth implants. Single tooth implants are designed to replace one missing tooth. They can also be used if you are missing single teeth in different areas of your mouth. A single implant is placed at the site of the missing tooth and supports a single replacement crown.
  • Multiple tooth implants. Multiple tooth implants, or implant supported bridges, replace sections of consecutive missing teeth. They take the place of traditionally fixed bridges and partial dentures. One or more implants are used to support your new teeth. The exact number used will depend on your specific situation.
  • Implant supported dentures. When you are missing all of the teeth in one of your jaws (or all of your teeth), implant supported dentures may be used. Six to eight implants are placed to support your new teeth.
  • All-on-4® treatment concept. Bone loss occurs naturally as a result of tooth loss. If you have lost too much bone mass, regular dental implants may not be possible because there is not enough bone mass for proper osseointegration. The All-on-4 treatment concept makes implants possible for those with a bone loss by using strategic placement of four implants.

How are Implants Usually Placed?

Implants require surgery. This starts with a local anesthetic, which will numb the surgical sites. If necessary, we can also provide you with sedation to help you relax. Incisions are then made in your gums. We drill holes into your jawbone and place the implants. Your gums are stitched closed around the implants, leaving just a small amount exposed above the gum line.

At this point, you are usually provided with temporary teeth, which will restore some of the functions of your mouth, while you heal. Healing can take anywhere from several weeks to several months, depending upon the number of implants. During this phase, we will periodically check to ensure that you are healing properly. When you have fully healed, then the process for your permanent teeth begins. The abutments are placed on the implants and impressions are taken. These impressions are used to design and fabricate your teeth, a process which usually takes up to two weeks. When they are ready, they are screwed into place.

How are Same Day Implants Possible?

Thanks to technological developments in the dental field, your permanent teeth can be made before your implant surgery, allowing you to receive your final teeth one your implants have been placed. This eliminates the wait time and the need for temporary teeth. This is possible with the ICAT and CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing). The ICAT generates a 3-dimensional image of your mouth and provides us with perfect 1:1 measurements. Using specialized software, we can then design implants that will fit perfectly into your mouth. The image will also help us to determine the best possible placement for your implants. After your teeth have been designed, they are milled. They will be waiting for you when you arrive for implant surgery.

After your gums have been stitched closed, the abutments are placed, and your permanent teeth screwed into place. Periodic visits are still required so that we can monitor your healing progress. However, the need for temporary teeth and the additional wait time after you have healed is eliminated.

Benefits of Same Day Implants

Same day implants come with numerous benefits. The biggest benefit is that you are provided with a set of fully-functional replacement teeth right away. The waiting period typically associated with implant surgery and the need for temporary teeth are a thing of the past. You walk out of your surgical appointment with the teeth that are meant for you.

The other benefits of same day dentures are just like those associated with regular dentures. These benefits include:

  • Restored eating ability. With your ability to chew properly restored, your body can access the nutrients of your food. Your digestion and your overall nutrition are improved.
  • You can speak normally again, and others will be able to understand you.
  • Your smile (and your confidence) are restored.
  • Implants provide you with a permanent solution to tooth loss. Your teeth are screwed into place and are only removed if maintenance is needed. Unlike dentures, implants do not need periodic replacement.
  • Implants are much easier to care for. They can be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth. They do not need to be removed at all.
  • The implants mimic the functions of the roots of your teeth. They stimulate your jawbone, which sends a message to your body for nutrients. This, in turn, helps to maintain the strength of your jawbone and prevents bone loss.

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