Radiography at National Dental Melville

Exams are an integral part of your oral healthcare. However, there is only so much that can be seen with a visual inspection. X-rays allow us to see all of the hidden structures of your mouth – between your teeth, the roots of your teeth, your jawbone. For years, X-rays were taken with technology that relies on radiation. At National Dental Melville, we use digital X-ray technology to monitor the health of your mouth and check for potential hidden problems.


Digital X-rays are a more advanced X-ray technology. Rather than relying on radiation (which has raised some concerns with dental patients in the past), digital X-rays use electronic technology to capture your images. The images allow us to see the hidden areas of your mouth – between your teeth, the roots of your teeth and your jawbone. We can check these areas for any abnormalities such as infections, tumors, decay, damage and more, which could otherwise go undetected and grow significantly worse.

Taking your X-ray images is a quick, simple, and completely painless process. A sensor, which is hooked up to a computer, is placed inside of your mouth. All we need to do is push a button, and the images are captured. The images then appear on our computer screen within seconds. There is no need for us to leave the room and develop them. Thanks to digital X-ray technology, your appointment is spent with you, helping you to understand your diagnosis and your treatment options. One of the biggest benefits of digital X-rays is that your radiation exposure is reduced up to 95%.

Improving Your Preventative Care

Digital X-rays are an important part of your oral healthcare record. The software that accompanies our digital X-ray technology allows us to manipulate your images in a variety of different ways. We can zoom in on different areas and enhance the picture, which allows us to see the smallest details of your mouth. We can also change the display of the image from negative to black and white to color. All of these features help us to improve the quality of your preventative care by detecting issues in their earliest stages.

Detecting Cavities

Tooth decay is practically invisible when it first starts. When it is between your teeth, this makes early detection much more difficult. Digital X-rays, however, make this detection possible. They allow us to detect the earliest stages of tooth decay so that we can take action before serious issues occur.

Monitoring the Health of Your Jawbone

When your jawbone is healthy, it is strong. However, when you lose teeth, or when you experience more advanced stages of gum disease, it becomes weak. A weak jawbone changes shape, which can alter the teeth that are in your mouth. Your bite can shift, which can cause serious problems. Digital X-rays allow us to monitor the health of your jawbone, checking for these issues. We can even take older images and place them on top of newer ones to see the slightest changes in health and movement.

Providing You with Better Treatments

Digital X-rays have a multitude of features that were never available before with traditional X-rays. We can get a much clearer picture of exactly what is happening inside your mouth. Because of these features, we can plan a much more effective treatment plan that will improve the health of your mouth.

Digital X-rays have greatly improved our ability to provide you with optimal oral care. For more information, call National Dental Melville today at (631) 816-2277.