Electric handpieces at National Dental Melville

Dental technology is constantly evolving and being improved upon to optimize your oral health. 60 years ago, air-driven handpieces were introduced, and they revolutionized dental care. In recent years, this technology has been further improved upon. At National Dental Melville, we utilize electric handpieces for many of your dental needs.

Electric Handpieces

In the past, handpieces were air-driven, controlled by an air turbine and a foot pedal. Today, electric handpieces rely on electricity. The hand tool holds any one of some different tips, which are all designed for different tasks, such as polishing teeth or removing enamel to prepare a tooth for a dental restoration. Electric handpieces work at several different speeds, which are designated for specific tasks. Operating at higher speeds generates more heat. High-speed applications tend to be reserved for such tasks as polishing ceramic restorations (12,000 RPM to 15,000 RPM) or preparing your teeth for the restorations to be placed. Lower speeds are designated for tasks like root canals, polishing your teeth, or cleaning the decay out of a cavity.

More Accurate Treatment with Preset Speeds

Air-driven handpieces use a foot pedal and an air turbine to generate and maintain, the necessary speed for a given task. This meant that there was a significant amount of guesswork involved, as well as a significant amount of unpredictability. With electric handpieces, this guesswork and unpredictability are eliminated. We can dial in the exact speed that we need for your specific treatment. We can also several preset speeds for treatments that we perform on a regular basis. All we need to do is push a button, and the exact speed we need for your procedure is reached. This can greatly help to reduce the amount of time you spend in the chair.

More Consistent

Air-drive handpieces are known for stalling at lower speeds. They have a tendency to get bogged down when cutting through hard materials like porcelain and ceramic. They can also lose steam when they are being used for prolonged periods of time. Electric handpieces provide more consistency. They are much less likely to face issues when operating at lower speeds, when cutting through hard materials or when being used for longer treatments. The consistency of electric handpieces allows us to improve the quality of your dental care.

Easing Your Anxieties with Quieter Tools

Fear and anxiety over going to the dentist is a common problem faced by many people. For some, this fear and anxiety stem from the noise that the dental tools make. Air-driven handpieces are notoriously noisy. Even the most up to date air-driven handpieces still make significant noise. The noise of these tools is often associated with pain. Electric handpieces, on the other hand, create very little noise. If the sound of dental tools has kept you from getting the treatment in the past, the reduced noise of electric handpieces will allow you to relax in the chair. We can perform your necessary treatments, whether it’s a cleaning, a root canal, or filling a cavity and help to optimize your oral health.

Electric handpieces have allowed us to greatly improve the quality of your care. Call National Dental Melville today at (631) 816-2277 for more information.