General Dentistry

General dentistry at National Dental Melville

General dentistry encompasses all of the necessary procedures to keep your teeth and gums in excellent health. For example, even though you brush and floss at home, regular professional care is also required to ensure your oral health remains stable. At National Dental Commack, we provide all general dentistry services in a single location.

Routine Dental Examinations

Dental problems can be difficult to detect in the early stages. That is why professional dental examinations are so important. During an appointment at our practice, your doctor will perform a thorough assessment of the teeth, gums, temporomandibular joints, and other oral maxillofacial structures. Any potential issues can be addressed so that they do not worsen over time. Typically, a routine dental examination is recommended every six months.>> Learn more about professional dental exams

Dental Cleanings

While you are at our office for your dental examination, our hygienist will also perform a teeth cleaning. This is an essential aspect of oral healthcare. Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar from hard-to-reach areas, keeping harmful bacteria levels at bay. During the cleaning, the hygienist will use hand scalers and ultrasonic instruments to remove irritants that have accumulated on the teeth. He or she will also polish the teeth to remove stains and deliver a natural-looking shine.>> Learn more about professional dental cleanings

Periodontal Care

In addition to causing tooth decay, oral bacteria can also cause gum disease. Gingivitis and periodontitis are simply the body’s response to the accumulation of irritants on the teeth. When plaque and tartar are not removed from the teeth surfaces, the gums can become infected and erode the jawbone underneath. At National Dental Commack, we offer a range of periodontal treatments to promote healthy gums.>> Learn more about periodontal care

Digital X-rays

While a visual examination can tell your dentist a lot about the outer layers of your teeth, dental radiographs are needed to assess the underlying tissues. Our digital diagnostic tools at National Dental are much safer than conventional x-ray units, as they emit far less radiation. We use both two-dimensional and three-dimensional x-rays at our practice. Because the images are digital, they can be manipulated by the doctor for an incredibly accurate view. In fact, our computer software allows your doctor to virtually plan out your entire treatment, from beginning to end.>> Learn more about digital X-Rays

Pediatric Dentistry

As a family practice, we provide top-tier dental services for patients of all ages. Kids require routine care just like teens and adults. At National Dental Commack, we offer cleanings, exams, and a range of preventative and restorative treatments in pediatric dentistry. We also strive to make education fun by teaching your child the importance of brushing and flossing at home.

Oral Cancer Screening

Because early detection is key, an oral cancer screening is an essential aspect of routine dental care. During your examination, your doctor will inspect the oral cavity for signs of suspicious lesions or discolorations. He or she will also palpate the head and neck to feel for any abnormalities.>> Learn more about oral cancer screenings

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