Same Day Dentures

Same day dentures at National Dental Melville

Tooth loss is a serious issue. It can occur as a result of a variety of different situations – gum disease, facial trauma, tooth decay. No matter how you lose your teeth, it has a major impact on your quality of life. Eating becomes difficult. Speaking becomes a challenge. Your jaw changes, your lips, and cheeks sink in, and you begin to look older. Your smile is diminished, which can greatly impact your confidence. Dentures have been the solution for tooth loss for many years, and are still a popular option today. However, when you are fit for dentures, it can take several weeks for your final restorations to be complete. At National Dental Melville, we can eliminate that wait time with same day dentures.

What are Dentures?

Dentures have been used for hundreds of years as a way to replace missing teeth. They have come a long way since their original creation. Recent technological developments have seen major improvements with dentures in just the last few decades alone. Today, they are made to be much more comfortable and look much more natural. Dentures are a removable prosthesis that consists of false teeth set into a hard, acrylic base. They can be used to replace all missing teeth (complete, or full, dentures) or sections of missing teeth between healthy teeth (partial dentures). The base is supported by your gums and can be made to blend into the color of the tissue. Dentures are held in place by suction, with partial dentures having metal clasps for additional support. They are meant to be removed nightly for cleaning and left out while you sleep.

How is it Possible to Get Same Day Dentures?

When you are fit for dentures, it typically takes several weeks before you see your final restorations. Impressions are taken after any necessary extractions. These impressions are then used to design and fabricate your final dentures. Same day dentures eliminate this waiting period. Instead, your dentures are waiting for you on the day of your extraction.

You may be wondering just how this is possible. Technological developments have made it possible for us to mill your dentures before your extractions. Instead of impressions being taken after extraction, they are taken before. We use 3-dimensional imaging to take a virtual impression of your mouth. Special software helps us to design your dentures. The image provides 1:1 measurements, ensuring that our design will fit comfortably in your mouth. This information is then sent to a milling machine, where your dentures are fabricated.

After your extractions, your dentures are placed immediately. In the beginning, they are lined with a special tissue conditioner, which will provide a cushion between your healing gums and the hard acrylic. These conditioners will be replaced every so often while you heal, and will be completely removed once your gums have fully healed.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Same Day Dentures

There are several benefits to same day dentures:

  • You get your actual replacement teeth the same day as your extractions.
  • You regain full function of your mouth almost immediately, your speech and eating abilities restored.
  • Your smile is restored.
  • Same day dentures act as a bandage, helping you to heal faster.

Despite the benefits, same day dentures also have some drawbacks. These drawbacks are similar to traditional dentures. They need to be removed nightly for cleaning. They may become loose and slip out of place. Quite possibly the biggest disadvantage is that you still experience bone loss over time. Eventually, your dentures will no longer fit, and you will need to be refitted for a new set.

After losing your teeth, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks for your new restorations. To find out if you are a candidate for same day dentures, call National Dental Melville today at (631) 816-2277.