What Happens to Your Teeth If You Brush Too Often?

The more often you brush, the more likely your teeth become darker, as irrational as it sounds.

This is because the structure of your teeth becomes compromised as too much pressure can tire out your teeth and at the same time the gum lines will soften and eventually be worn out.

The protective lining in your teeth gets thinner which allows bacteria to make it look darker and the protective enamel lining actually gives teeth a shining exterior. Your smile will not be as bright as before.

There is one main reason for this, and that is the ingredients found in your toothpaste.


All toothpastes have abrasives, and for good reason. Abrasives, in moderate amounts, can help make your teeth stronger and healthier and stops bad bacteria from building up.

However, excess toothpaste application, coupled with stronger and more frequent brushing, can cause the protective enamel in your teeth to get thinner. Thin enamel is an indication that your teeth are at higher risks of dental problems.

It can also lead to darker teeth. And the first thing that people will do if they think their teeth are darker is to brush more, which leads to thinner enamel and the cycle continues.

Brushing your teeth too often is not healthy and is in fact very risky. You can even consider brushing three times a day as excessive for most people. The recommended brushing is two, at most three times in a day.

Brushing too often can really damage dental health. Rather than just doing what you feel is right, talking with a professional will help you make the right dental decisions. You can schedule an appointment and let us have a talk on how we can make your teeth stronger and your smiles brighter.

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