Who Can Most Benefit From A Custom Mouth Guard

Injuries around the mouth are quite common. They can also cause complications affecting teeth alignment, or the functioning of the jaw. Mouth guards protect your mouth and help to prevent loss of teeth and fractures to the jaw.

A custom made device is designed to fit into your mouth to provide better protection. A snugly fitting one can potentially cause more damage during impact. Here are some of the people who would greatly benefit from custom made mouth guards.


The American Dental Association recommends the use of custom mouth guards for sportsmen and athletes. People playing high contact sports such as volleyball, softball, and wrestling, are more prone to injuries and need the protection of these devices.

However, even sports like skateboarding, basketball, and cycling can potentially cause injuries that lead to serious dental complications. For athletes, the device prevents cuts and bruises during an impact, prevents contact between the lower and upper teeth, and it cushions the teeth and jaw to prevent fractures and dislocations.


For people with TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder custom mouth guards are a minimally invasive solution that can help to manage the condition.

However, before we recommend a custom mouth guard we assess patients with TMJ to determine the best device that will best help to manage their condition.

If the device does not properly fit around inside your mouth it can aggravate the symptoms of your condition rather than minimize them. The dentists also needs to ensure that the patient has TMJ and not any other related dental conditions.

There are mouth guards that are designed specifically for patients with TMJ disorder. They are designed to reposition the jaw and to facilitate movement when chewing while minimizing symptoms and reducing discomfort around the jaw.

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