Who Should Avoid Getting Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments are usually recommended for many people. Fluoride can help build healthier, stronger teeth and gums.

When the fluoride is added into water, toothpaste, mouthwash or given at the office, it helps the person have all of the benefits that come with it. Those that do not have fluoride may find that they have less than perfect tooth integrity.

Fluoride is a natural mineral and it is helpful in the aid of healthy teeth and gums, though some may not be suited to have fluoride treatments over others. Find out if you qualify for a fluoride treatment.


Children are usually the first patients that obtain the fluoride treatments. Their developing teeth and gums need all of the benefits that fluoride has to give.

Others that have poor oral hygiene are more prone to cavities and have other oral issues can benefit from having fluoride treatments done. This is always a good way to consider whether or not you need the treatments if they’re offered in office.

Those that have ulcers or cuts in their mouth may want to refrain from having the fluoride put on their teeth. This is because it can cause more damage than good. You want to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy without abrasions.

Anyone is able to decline fluoride treatments for whatever reason, but they are highly recommended for those that want to reduce the cavities and other issues that they have inside their mouth.

Speak with the professionals at our dental clinic to find out more. You’re able to make an appointment to learn about fluoride treatments, their benefits and if you’d be a good candidate to have them done. They can provide you with a healthier, better smile overall, while also providing you with a beneficial mineral.

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